Muskego executive convicted for drunk flying after drunk driving arrest

CREATED Mar 6, 2012

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FOND DU LAC - It may be one of the strangest plea deals in the history of drunk driving-related arrests in Wisconsin.

Dashcam video showed the arrest of Larry Schreiber last summer, as he was suspected of driving drunk.

Schreiber is the President of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Wisconsin.

Three tests apparently showed him to be well over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration.

However, instead of receiving an OWI conviction, Schreiber was convicted of operating an aircraft while drunk, which means he did not lose his license for six months.

Some people believe he received preferential treatment because he is a wealthy executive.

The Fond du Lac County District Attorney's office counters that idea.

According to District Attorney Daniel Kaminsky, there were problems with the case, and that sometimes prosecutors need to get creative to ensure a conviction.