Some stay inside, others play in snow despite Wauwatosa's snow emergency

CREATED Mar 2, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 2, 2012

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WAUWATOSA- A snow emergency has gone in effect for the city of Wauwatosa.  Several are staying in Friday night, while others are going out and playing in the snow.

Shelia Hill and her family have advice for other drivers: "just stay in, movie night "

A message crossing guard John Motton wishes others would have taken to heart this afternoon -- while driving on Wauwatosa roads.

"I hold my sign up and they just cars keep going..some stop other keep going.." said Motton.

Nasty conditions that Motton believes will only get worse as night falls and the snow piles up.

Plow trucks in Wauwatosa were working the roads Friday afternoon and they're expected to be out all night.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Keller Russell caught up with some in Wauwatosa that enjoyed their Friday night in the snow.  Click on the video link to see her story.