Brookfield alderman defends vote against new tornado warning sirens

CREATED Mar 1, 2012

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Click here to listen back to that segment Thursday on Wisconsin's Afternoon News.

BROOKFIELD- A Waukesha County community is looking to get rid of its tornado warning sirens.

Brookfield Mayor Steven Ponto thinks tornado warning sirens are outdated in today's high-tech, cell phone world.

Mayor Ponto says upgrading the city's 11 tornado sirens to meet new federal standards would cost taxpayers $100,000.

Brookfield Alderman Jerry Mellone, a member of the Brookfield Common Council's Finance Committee, voted to allocate $100,000 elsewhere; away from new tornado warning signs equipment.

Alderman Mellone talked to Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure about his position on the issue.  Alderman Mellone believes that it isn't necessary to upgrade the tornado warning signs equipment when the city can send out text messages or phone calls to people during a possible tornado.

John asked Alderman Mellone about kids or elderly people that are out of their house when the severe weather could strike.  Mellone said that most kids have a cell phone these days, but aside from that, he conceded that John had made a good point the text or call plan for elderly people and kids.

Alderman Mellone said they will look into this item further, but stood by his vote.

Brookfield will take a final vote on the sirens issue March 20.