New poll shows Gov. Walker trailing Democratic candidates in potential recall

CREATED Feb 28, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- A new poll shows Governor Scott Walker trailing Democratic candidates in a potential recall.
When this same poll was taken last October, Walker only lost to Russ Feingold, but in the new poll, Walker is behind three potential Democratic challengers.

On the heels of the Governor Walker's decision not to challenge any recall signatures -- it's more good news for Democrats.
Three potential challengers would beat Governor Walker according to the latest Public Policy Polling survey.
"I'll leave it to the pundits to interpret what polling shows.  Polling changes from one day to another," Governor Walker responded.
"It's why people are ready to have elections.  Walker's ways haven't worked," said Democratic challenger Kathleen Falk.
In head to head match-ups, Governor Walker would lose to Russ Feingold, who has said he will not run.
Walker would also lose to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, which is a change from just October.  In that poll Barrett would have lost to Walker by two points.
Mayor Tom Barrett hasn't announced a decision, but says he's still considering a run against Walker.  Barrett's campaign adviser sent this statement about the poll, "Tom is grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support from people in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin."
In the poll, Falk would beat Walker by one point.
"I'm running hard. This election is coming up in just a couple of months.  Governor Walker is going to have more money than he could possibly have.  I'm on the side of a million people," Falk said.
Falk and Barrett's numbers are within a margin of error, which could make the race a dead heat.
When asked about challengers leading him in the poll, Walker argues he's not worried.
"The number one opponent I'm worried about is neither of those two.  I'm worried about the out of state money coming from Washington," Walker said.

Neither the state Democratic Party or Republican Party would comment about the polls. The other interesting finding was that Wisconsinites are split evenly on whether they think the recall election is a good idea.