Pet lovers look for love at "Mingle With Marley"

CREATED Feb 25, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Sometimes the pet you love can hold you back from finding love.

That's why Jessica  Dragan with "Mingle With Marley"  thinks you have an obligation to let a potential boyfriend or girlfriend know even BEFORE your first date that you have a pet.

Dragan says, "I think it's really important to disclose that you have an animal probably even before the date just because some people have allergies to animals or are just not quite comfortbable around them. It's definitely somethin that needs to be talked about in the beginning and I think sometimes there's an assumption that the pet's gonna be o.k. down the road. It gets to be a bit heart breaking when you realize that you really like somebody but they're not comfortable having your pet watching t.v. with you and they have to get kicked out of the room."

Or worse yet, sent to a shelter!

Dragan runs "Mingle With Marley," a dating event that matches pet lovers.

"Mingle With Marley's" first event was this Saturday night at Bay View Bark.

The next one is scheduled for March 10th.

Dragan says it's also a nice alternative to the bar scene.

For more information, you can check out the website or call 414-736-8877.