Rep. Joel Kleefisch allegedly caught voting for absent member

CREATED Feb 22, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 22, 2012

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MADISON- The I-Team confronts a state representative after he's caught breaking a rule and that state representative was caught on tape!
The issue is caught on, what appears to be, cell phone video.  Whoever posted it online is trying to prove there's voter fraud in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Representative Joel Kleefisch can be seen in a video, now on You Tube, voting for an absent member.
Rob Koebel: "Did you break a rule?"
Joel Kleefisch: "It depends on how you interpret the rule."
And here is the rule: only the members present in the Assembly Chamber may vote.
So what is going on with Kleefisch -- who admits he voted for another rep?
"The rule says you have to be present in the chamber.  The bathroom counts as the chamber.  And the parlor counts as a chamber if you are going to eat," said Joel Kleefisch.
In fact, Representative Jason Fields says it happens all the time with both sides -- Democrats and Republicans.
"Yeah, it's done when you have a conversation with your seat mate to know where they are at," said Rep. Fields.
Both lawmakers claim it's not breaking the rules, because technically the representative is still in the chamber.

The I-Team has confronted the state on this issue before, back in 1996 -- back when Governor Scott Walker was a state representative, wanting the behavior to stop and the rules to change.
"Change the rule to apply to people we are talking about who aren't in the chamber and aren't aware of what is going on," said Scott Walker.
Kleefisch has seen the video and calls it another attempt at character assassination. 

"We are targets.  My wife is under recall.  We are targets.  He shoots specific video of me when he could have shot 24 to 50 people at that time," said Kleefisch.