Mt. Pleasant man furious he couldn't use veteran's ID to vote in Racine County

CREATED Feb 22, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 22, 2012

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MT. PLEASANT- A new controversy over the state's voter ID law that went into effect in Tuesday's election.  One veteran didn't cast his ballot, and now he wants the law changed.

"It's unbelievable!, said Air Force veteran Gil Paar.  He's not a fan of the state's new voter photo ID law.

"I mean it's not fair," as Paar showed a government-issued veteran's photo ID card to vote on Tuesday.  He still can't believe what happened next.
"She says: 'I'm sorry, you can't use it.'"

His VA card is not one of the approved photo ID's under the new law, but the free ID card handed out by the state's DOT is acceptable.

"Shouldn't a veteran who gave two, three, four, five years of his life to his country be able to give his I-D card, come on?" said Paar.

Paar knows he could have used have used his driver's license to vote, but he says that's not the point.  He wants the law changed.

Racine lawmaker Bob Turner agrees -- he's also a veteran.

"We should find a way to amend the law to allow any veteran who served his country to vote with the I-D that is accepted by other institutions," said Turner.

For the record, military ID's are acceptable forms of ID to vote.