Road rage case ends with gun pulled on victim

CREATED Feb 10, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 10, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- A strange case of road rage on a very busy street.  The victim says he ended up with a gun being pointed at him.

It was just before midnight as shawn murphy drove down highway 100 in wauwatosa, on his way home from an uncles house.

He crossed over bluemound road when suddenly, a car pulled out in front of him from a Taco Bell near the intersection of Blue Mound Road.

"So I had to slam on by breaks and essentially almost T-boned them," explained Murphy.

He narrowly escaped a nasty crash but it's what happened after that, that sent Murphy in search of help.

He says the car he almost hit, slowed and pulled up beside him.

"The rear passenger rolled down the window and pointed a gun at me."

Murphy says the car then followed him to Watertown Plank Road.

"I was pretty scared to be honest."

But he knew the sheriff's sub-station was nearby so he made a beeline to it for help.

"I kinda just pulled in started honking my horn, left my car running, got out and said hey that car over there's got a gun."

Murphy couldn't get a good look at the men or a license plate.

But one thing he is certain of -- is the danger he faced.

"I know what a gun looks like."

In fact, he claims this is the second time another driver has pointed a gun at him while on the road.

"I think it's Murhpy's law. I don't know. It gets to me."

Murphy says he did nothing to provoke the people in the other car, and he's never seen them before.

Wauwatosa Police are looking for the people in the other vehicle.