Report: MillerCoors among companies sued by Sioux tribe

CREATED Feb 10, 2012

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WHITECLAY, Neb. - A Native American tribe has sued a number of beer companies including MillerCoors for allegedly taking part in the growth of alcohol-related issues on a reservation in the upper plains states.

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader says that the Ogala Sioux Tribe has filed the $500 million suit in a federal court in Nebraska.

The suit also claims that four stores in Whiteclay sold nearly five million servings of beer.

According to the Argus-Leader, tribal officials claim that beer companies sold “volumes of beer far in excess of an amount that could be sold in compliance with the laws of the state of Nebraska” to the stores.

No individual tribe membere were eligible to receive money in the suit.

Pabst and Anheuser-Busch were also among the companies targeted in the suit.