Kenosha schools consider cutting interscholastic middle school sports

CREATED Feb 2, 2012

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KENOSHA - The Kenosha School District is considering cutting interscholastic sports programs for middle schools and going with intramurals, all as a cost-saving move for a school district that's over budget. 

Representing your school in interscholastic sports has long been part of many people's experience.  That includes the middle school level. 

But Kenosha School District Spokesman Gary Vaillancourt told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jay Sorgi that among a long list of suggestions to help the district cut its budget, "one of the items is to change from competitive sports to intramural sport."

Students would compete with their classmates in sports events, and not other schools.

He says the district has received some feedback from parents and others who don't like the idea.

"People want to see that continue.  They feel it's an important part.  We do, too."

Still, he says the Kenosha Unified School District has to cut into a $28 million budget gap.

This move would take care of less than 1% of the budget slashing.

"There's a projected savings of about $270,000 that would come about from doing that," said Vaillancourt.

He suggests that other ideas are out there to help keep interscholastic sports alive in Kenosha's middle schools, like making parents and guardians cover transportation costs, or "increase the activity fee, items of that nature.  They're all worthy to look at, and they will be looked at."

Vaillancourt says the school board will look at those ideas at a meeting in a couple weeks.

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