First 2012 snowfall in Burlington fun for some, work for others

CREATED Jan 12, 2012

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BURLINGTON- Two inches of snow on the ground may not a lot by Wisconsin standards, but it was enough for some folks to have a little fun in Burlington, and for one of our crews to learn you can't let your guard down.

No chance of a snow day for students at Burlington High School, which was disappointing news to freshman Sophie Grandi.  She told TODAY'S TMJ4, "that's what I was hoping for."

Instead it was snowballs after class, and for Stephen Bullian, his homework was work at home as he had, "lots to shovel."

TODAY'S TMJ4 found out first-hand it doesn't take much to make a mess.  TODAY'S TMJ4's Annie Scholz and photographer Jeff Janca were rear-ended on their way to an interview.  Thankfully, they're alright and so is the driver that hit them.

When you're in the chocolate city, there's no better way to make yourself feel better than some hot cocoa.  But in weather like this, you better be ready to get in line behind folks begging for their favorite warm up, "lattes, everything with espresso," says as Ariana Saunders of Chocolate Expressions.