Heimermann on fake Mayor Ryan twitter account: 'bring out the humor in this fiasco'

CREATED Nov 21, 2011

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SHEBOYGAN- A report says Sheboygan's mayor is threatening to sue a high school student who wants to run against him in a recall election, all over some tweets and a web site.

Asher Heimermann is running for mayor of Sheboygan and he has launched a fake twitter account called @mayorbobryan.

Heimermann called his account a parody.

Heimermann talked to Wisconsin's Afternoon News to discuss that satirical account. He says, "I've decided to do that, to bring out the humor in this fiasco. It may not be a bright idea, but I have a right within twitter guidelines, setup a comedy account to poke fun at the Mayor (Ryan). His legal action against me, I believe will not hold up in a court of law."

Heimermann confirmed that Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan is threatening to file a lawsuit against him for setting up the twitter account.

Heimermann was asked if it was appropriate to make fun of Mayor Ryan's alcoholism and comments about his wife.

"That is up to the people of Sheboygan and Wisconsin to decide. I think over the last three years, the Mayor keeps putting himself out there with his drinking incidents and making sexual comments. He keeps on making a fool out of himself, if he wants to continue to do that, I will gladly help him in that campaign effort," said Heimermann

He was asked by John Mercure of Wisconsin's Afternoon News if this was something a serious mayoral candidate would do. Heimermann responded by saying, "That's all up to the people of Sheboygan to decide."

Heimermann said his campaign is focusing on jobs and economic development.

On Monday morning morning, that account had postings like:
- "WWE offered me a job.  I refused as I need to keep embarrassing the City of Sheboygan.  #Winning."
- "Cloudy with a chance of beer"
- "I have amazing man boobs."

The Sheboygan Press says that Heimermann also turned into a site that redirects to Heimermann's campaign.

Dwight Darrow is Ryan's attorney.  He told the Sheboygan Press that Heimermann is asking for a lawsuit, and if Heimermann wants to run for mayor, he has to understand adult consequences.

Ryan faces a possible recall over several incidents connected to drunken behavior in public.