More "chatter" about possible recall fraud

CREATED Nov 18, 2011

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MILWAUKEE - Concerns about the signature gathering process in the recall of Governor Walker are mounting after a woman admitted she signed a petition three times.

A simple Facebook post started the firestorm.  The woman wrote that she signed a recall petition for herself and for her parents and nobody told her she wasn't allowed to.

This is just one of several instances people claim are corrupting the recall process.  There have also been threats of destroying petitions or collecting them with no intention of turning them in.

Still, election officials say there has only been "chatter" about fraud.
"We don't have any hard evidence that any of this has actually taken place," says Reid Magney with the Government Accountability Board.

"We take that seriously, and we have had discussions with district attorneys in Wisconsin about this potential issue."

Representatives from both parties have not returned calls for comments on the issue.