Artist brings WWII photos alive

CREATED Nov 14, 2011

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WASHINGTON DC -With the renewed focus of the World War II generation, an artist in Washington DC is trying to bring images of the time to life.

Chris Demarest is taking old photos, many of them black and white, and painting them in full color.  We met Chris at his exhibit at the Women's Memorial on the most recent Honor Flight.

He showed us some of his work.  "What I'm looking for are mostly on the job kind of things, I don't want to do portraits," Chris said.

So far, Chris has 34 paintings finished.  He hopes to eventually paint 60, maybe more.

He is still looking for pictures.  "I get images from all over.  I work with a curator here and I just talk to people who come in like today on the Honor Flight," Chris said.

The images show people frozen in time.  What's amazing, though, is that they are all real people with real stories.

Chris says he'd like to someday raise money so that the exhibit can travel the country.

If you would like to send Chris a photo for consideration, you can email him at