Honor Flight

Navy big wig makes point to greet vets from Wisconsin

CREATED Nov 10, 2011

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  • Image by Stars and Stripes Honor Flight

WASHINGTON DC - It's not unusual to see men and women in uniform in Washington DC.  But when we got to the World War II Memorial, one of the guys in full military dress stood out.

The Stars and Stripes Honor Flight volunteers know Navy Vice Admiral Dirk Debbink.  He makes a point to be there to see the vets every time a flight from Wisconsin comes out.

Vice Admiral Debbink is a local guy.  He grew up in Oconomowoc.

"It's just an awesome opportunity especially for those of us serving now today.  It's literally their legacy that we honor through our service. I tell them if it wasn't for these guys, we'd be speaking some other language, probably not English," Debbink said.

The Vice Admiral was at the memorial hours before we got there.  He stayed until after we left.