Sheboygan recall volunteers meet goal

CREATED Nov 1, 2011

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SHEBOYGAN - After months of trying to get enough signatures to do the job, volunteers say they now have what it takes to recall Mayor Bob Ryan.

In front of City Hall, Sheboygan Alderman Kevin MatiChek announced a milestone.

Volunteers submitted more than 4,700 signatures. MatiChek, under scrutiny early on, needed 4,121 to force a recall.
"I'd like to thank all my volunteers who have put up with the criticism and personal attacks," MatiChek said.

City Clerk Sue Richards now has 31 days to verify the signatures.  As she gets ready for the task at hand, she's already under fire, harassed by bloggers online.

"It just said, basically, that we better do a good job, or I'll be the next one recalled. So I kind of took it as a little bit of a threat," Richards said.

TODAY'S TMJ4 has confirmed Ryan has already requested copies of the signatures. By law, he has 10 days to review and contest them.

"It could end up tying into the court system.. Then we don't know. It could be months out," Richards explained.

As city staffers and Ryan count signatures, the investigation into the mayor's removal continues.  Aldermen will meet Wednesday night, where they will hear from special prosecutor Steve Biskupic in a closed door meeting.