Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan's wife says she is proud he is over 100 days sober

CREATED Nov 1, 2011 - UPDATED: Nov 1, 2011

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SHEBOYGAN- The signatures for the recall of Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan were dropped off on Tuesday and John Mercure with Wisconsin's Afternoon News talked with Mayor Bob Ryan's wife, Mary in an exclusive interview.

Mary Ryan said the thought of "I need to get out" never crossed her mind when the Mayor was drunk in Elkhart Lake and made comments about her sister.

Mrs. Ryan told John Mercure there were times where she thought she wanted to walk away.

She believed one of her biggest issues with alcoholism is the disappointment that comes with it.

Mrs. Ryan said she is close to her sister and that the Mr. Ryan has been like "a big brother" to her sister.

Mrs. Ryan said some of those things Mr. Ryan said that night in Elkhart Lake on video were disturbing and taken out of context.

She points out that people "aren't themselves" when they are drunk and you can say things you don't mean to say when you would be sober.

After the Elkhart Lake incident, it reminds her how bad she feels for her husband and other people suffering from alcoholism.

Mrs. Ryan says she wouldn't wish alcoholism on her worst enemy.

She is happy that Mayor Ryan is over 100 days sober.