Bob Ryan's wife says family stands behind Sheboygan's Mayor in event of recall

CREATED Oct 31, 2011

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  • Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan

SHEBOYGAN- Wife of Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan, Mary Ryan joined Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure to talk about her husband's possible recall election.

Recall organizers claim they have enough signatures to bring out a recall election.

Mary Ryan says she doesn't have any feelings for or against a recall election. She says that is up to the Sheboygan citizens if they want a different mayor.

She says that Mayor Ryan isn't looking forward to the recall fight and would prefer to focus on other battles with city of Sheboygan.

Mrs. Ryan says she will be his partner through his campaign and that most people have heard of the negatives surrounding Mr. Ryan, but she points out there are many positives about his and that they have shared many great joys.

Mrs. Ryan says alcohol has been been a problem for Mr. Ryan, but points out that Monday is day 100 of his sobriety in his fight through alcohol addiction.

Mrs. Ryan says his alcoholism isn't embarrassing for her at all and says that her husband has a disease and it should be treated that way.

She did say that she was offended that people poke fun at his alcohol problem.

Mrs. Ryan pointed out that they gained several friends throughout this process and learned that people can be evil, yet they can be wonderful.

She says her family stands behind Mr. Ryan.