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Gunshots ring out and man says cops never showed up

CREATED Oct 28, 2011 - UPDATED: Oct 28, 2011

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MILWAUKEE- "Kurt" works next door to Midtown Auto and Metal Recycling on Burleigh Street in Milwaukee. He says Thursday night at 6:15p he heard five gunshots ring out over at the recycling facility.  "I didn't really think much of it. Unfortunately I've gotten used to hearing gunshots", Kurt told me. "It happens too often."

Kurt claims he called police and was told a squad would arrive shortly. He says he waited for three hours before finally heading home. When he left there had been no sign of police. "That's something I can't get used to. When someone calls police, it's reasonable to expect them to show up, especially when gunshots ring out."

Police say Kurt is mistaken. Milwaukee Police Department Inspector Edith Hudson told me police responded within eight seconds of receiving the call for gunshots. "He (Kurt) is mistaken. We showed up and did not see anyone. We were in the area and got here very quickly," Hudson told me on Wisconsin's Afternoon News.

I did ask Hudson if they saw the shooting victim when they showed up. She told officers did not see the victim. "A gate was locked and officers could not gain entry to the area surrounding (the recycling facility)" When I pressed Hudson on why officers did not scale the fence or cut into the gate to gain entry she said she did not know. "And we had no specific location where the shots were coming from," Hudson says.

This morning Kurt showed back up at work to discover police swarming the area. He was told that the owner of the recycling company was found shot dead at the business after never coming home the night before "I was shocked.  I felt terrible. Why did I even bother to call police?" Curt lamented recently.  

Could the shooting victim have been saved with immediate attention? We don't know.