MPS fires principal after charter school scandal in Florida

CREATED Oct 27, 2011

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MILWAUKEE- The I-Team gets results as a principal involved in a charter school scandal is out of a job.

A big I-Team investigation exposed the principal's past. Investigative Reporter Rob Koebel has new information on her firing and her future. 

TODAY'S TMJ4's uncovered her troubled past in Florida where she owned a charter school that was shut down and foreclosed by the bank.

But parents claim she took off with tens of thousands of dollars of tuition money to start a new job here in Milwaukee.

"My name is Wendy Alexander and I am the school principal at Fairview and I've met a lot of you".

Wendy Alexander is all smiles in a "walk and ride your bike to school day" video shot back in early October.  She had no clue that her past would catch up with her from Florida.

Rob Koebel : "You are a long way from Tampa, Florida where a bunch of people are wondering about their money & tuition."
Wendy Alexander:  "You guys are unbelievable."

The I-team first exposed her past back in Florida three weeks ago. That's where several parents claim she took off with tens of thousands of dollars in tuition money when the bank foreclosed on her school.  After a brief paid suspension, she has now been fired from M-P-S.

Rob Koebel: "Are you looking at how she was hired in the first place?  I mean all I had to do was GOOGLE and we see what came up in Tampa and the issues that she had down there".
Roseann St. Aubin: "I know there have been discussions about that but I haven't been privy to those."

The district hired Alexander back in June by announcing it in a news letter to parents. M-P-S spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin says the district did do a routine background check before making the hire.

Roseann St. Aubin: "We are always seeking the best candidates -- you know Rob we are always looking at ways to do things better that has to be said."
Rob Koebel: "Do you think there was a mistake in this case?" 
Roseann St. Aubin: "No -- I am not going to say that."

You might remember when I confronted Alexander about her past as she told me this.

Rob Koebel:  "How do you get the job here?"
Wendy Alexander:  "The job here was taken…."
Rob Koebel:  "Did you disclose this…."
Wendy Alexander:  "Of course I did."

Rob Koebel:  "She said that she did tell the district but that wasn't the case?"
Roseann St. Aubin:  That I can't respond to that but decisive to say we did see your video."

Those parents in Florida who feel they got ripped off by her have started filing criminal complaints with the sheriff's office there. They are hoping to get their money back.