Northern Lights brighten up Wisconsin night sky

CREATED Oct 25, 2011

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MILWAUKEE - If you saw some strange sights in the sky overnight and into the early morning hours of Tuesday, you weren't seeing things.

It was part of the amazing display of the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known of the Northern Lights.

A photographer for the Salem Fire Department was at the right place at the right time, and captured it all.

Daniel Ravens was on duty with the department.

"Last night, my capacity was photographer for the department for our annual Halloween training," said Ravens.

He was on duty when he noticed an eerie glare.

"I looked up and saw the red flares in the sky.  It kind of fit with the Halloween training."

With his camera by his side, he grabbed it and got to work.

"I took a couple of shots, didn't like how they looked.  I grabbed my tripod and took a couple dozen shots."

Those shots showed amazing color, red and green all over parts of the sky.

"I usually see them when they are green or a little yellow.  These were red with a little bit of green, a little different."

It was a sky that he and his co-workers won't soon forget.