Police Chief Flynn releases statement on response times

CREATED Oct 19, 2011

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  • Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn

MILWAUKEE- One day after being interviewed by John Mercure from Wisconsin's Afternoon News, Police Chief Ed Flynn released a statement about police response times.

The statement pointed out that, "Comparing the four years before Chief Flynn started (2004-2007) to the time since he took office (2008-2011 YTD), the median response time for all calls increased by 3 minutes and 15 seconds."

Additionally, "Response times to Priority 1 calls for service, potentially life-threatening, increased by 33 seconds. During that same time frame, MPD have had 112 fewer homicides and 1,259 fewer robberies."

As Chief Flynn stated when he took office, the measure of success for the Milwaukee Police Department is not the number of arrests or the number of tickets or the average response time to non-emergency calls for service.

"The measure of success for the Department is the reduction of crime, fear and disorder.  Response times do indeed matter, especially for emergency calls for service, but they are not the solitary - or even the primary - measure by which this Department will be judged."

"The premise of the supposed 'investigation' into response times is that the MPD's proactive policing strategy means the Department has abandoned non-emergency calls for service.  This is not an either-or proposition."

"The service the Milwaukee Police Department provides to the community is the armed authority of the state, and we continually balance the near infinite demand for this finite resource by prioritizing our workload."

"Our policy may sometimes require a slight delay in responding to non-emergency calls for service in order to simultaneously provide the proactive policing presence that has helped us realize a 27 percent decrease in violent crime and a 22 percent decrease in overall crime since 2007."

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