Big Investigation

Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn responds to special series on response times

CREATED Oct 18, 2011

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  • Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has responded to our big investigation into police response times.

During the past weeks, we have detailed how a lack of manpower and a shift in police priorities have added up to slower response times.

The chief spoke to Newsradio 620 WTMJ "Wisconsin's Afternoon News" host John Mercure about his investigation.

"I've never said response times are not important," said Flynn.

"What I've said is the primary metric of this police department's success is going to be the reduction of crime, fear and disorder in the community, and we're moving in that direction.

"I've said that response times to non-emergency calls will not be as important a metric as the reduction of crime, fear and disorder in Milwaukee."

You can hear Mercure's entire conversation with the chief Tuesday afternoon on "Wisconsin's Afternoon News" and later Tuesday on