"Occupy Milwaukee" protesters plan their next steps

CREATED Oct 17, 2011

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MILWAUKEE- Organizers of this past weekend's "Occupy Milwaukee" protest are planning their next move.

The group plans to meet Monday night to make that decision, but "Occupy Milwaukee" appears to want a space of it's own to occupy on permanent basis.

Over the weekend, thousands demonstrated in downtown Milwaukee. They came to represent the so called "99 percent of Americans demanding accountability from Wall Street and Washington." 

Khalil Coleman, an organizer for "Occupy Milwaukee," tells TODAY'S TMJ4's Jermont Terry the group hopes to keep the momentum going.

"It was a success we didn't have any arrests even though civil disobence was on the topic," said Coleman. "It's not neccesarily what we're mad about or frustrated about but it's about we want change now."

While Milwaukee didn't see any arrests the same can't be said for other cities.

In Chicago, police ripped tents apart and arrested more than one-hundred people who refused to leave the park.

Mayor Barrett talked about those Chicago protests, "I have a lot of confidence in my police department. I think it will handle this in the best way possible."

Until then, "Occupy Milwaukee" prepares to figure out which public space it will take over.

"The overall scheme is to occupy something of capital and to occupy places of power to eventually get them to hear our message," Khalil Coleman told TODAY'S TMJ4.

"Occupy Milwaukee's" next step is to pack Monday's jobs meeting at Washington Park's Senior Center.