Heroin use rising in suburbs

CREATED Oct 12, 2011

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WAUKESHA- Already this week Waukesha Police have arrested 3 people for heroin related charges.  Police say it's replacing other popular drugs.

"A lot of people from the suburbs would be surprised to know how much heroin is out in the suburbs," said Waukesha Police Captain Ron Oremus.

It's a problem the I-team has been reporting on for years.

"Unfortunately it's a very dangerous drug," Captain Oremus said.

Earlier this year Alexandra Hopping, a 19 year-old from Wauwatosa, overdosed.  This week, the two men who are accused of selling her the powerful drug, were arrested for her homicide.
A 28 year-old mother was charged with heroin possession after she was found passed out in a bathroom.  She was supposed to be chaperoning her 7 year-old daughter's field trip to Pioneer Village.

"Her breathing wasn't good.  Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head," said trip chaperon, Diane Polsin.

Two women were arrested after police say they crashed a car into the Fox River late Monday night in Waukesha.

Also in Waukesha this week, Christopher Hister was arrested and after he sold heroin to an undercover police officer.

"Heroin is very popular, it's a very cheap drug to obtain, so we're seeing that increase especially in people who had been using pills," Captain Oremus said.

Despite the recent rash of heroin related arrests, Waukesha Police say heroin overdoses are down.