Ticket broker says 'plenty of tickets available' for NLCS games in St. Louis

CREATED Oct 11, 2011

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MILWAUKEE- John Schmitt of Schmitty's Tickets Inc. says that every area of St. Louis' Busch Stadium has tickets available for Games 3-5 of the NLCS.

"It's brutal, they (Cardinals fans) do not support their team as good as you think, you can't get rid of them," said Schmitt.

He found out about tickets being available because he received five emails from the Cardinals saying there are tickets available.

Schmitt found that upper deck tickets can be bought for $55, and the best seats, dugout box seats, are available for $184 on the Cardinals web site.

He says, "Let's get some Brewers fans down there (Busch Stadium), and shake these Cardinals fans up, because they have no problem coming to our stadium (Miller Park)."

Schmitt says that, as of Tuesday evening, Friday night's Game 5 of the NLCS isn't sold out.

He did point out that if you want to buy tickets online for any of the games, you do need to buy them in packs of four.