11 people granted immunity in John Doe investigation

CREATED Oct 3, 2011

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MADISON- As the 17-month-long investigation continues, eleven witnesses are now granted immunity in exchange for their testimony and investigators have requested even more information.

"Our campaign was asked for emails. We did comply with that, but there's no direct contact that I've had," Governor Scott Walker said.

Last month, the FBI raided the home of Walker's close aide, Cindy Archer.

Attorney Julius Kim used to work at the District Attorney's office and is familiar with how "John Doe" investigations run, but he says it's still too early to tell if the governor is the target in this case.

"People that are close to the Governor are getting more and more involved in the situation.  I think it's a fair inference to say hey, I wonder if the Governor is involved, but it is way too early to say if the Governor has done anything wrong," Kim said.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen says he is not advising the Governor, but also turned down a request to  help Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm with the case.

"We talked to the district attorney and everyone understands why we aren't involved on his side, and similarly I think people can understand why we wouldn't get involved in the Governor's side either.  It's something we have to be very careful about," Van Hollen said.

Carroll University Political Science Professor Lilly Goren says no matter how the investigation turns out, it could harm the Governor's political future.

"It may give more fuel to the fire for people who want to recall the governor that there is some impropriety," Goren said.