Immunity names revealed in the investigation into current and former aides to Governor Scott Walker.

CREATED Sep 23, 2011 - UPDATED: Sep 23, 2011

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MADISON - TODAY'S TMJ4 has learned that the Governor's own spokesman has been given immunity as part of a secret John Doe investigation. We believe that investigation involves staffers doing campaign work for Walker when he was the Milwaukee County Executive, on county time.

Court documents contain the names of people given immunity. It's the only information the pubic is allowed to know about the secret investigation. There are only three names. One is an employee with Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, Ken Lucht. Another is republican party officer, Rose Ann Dieck. The third is the Governor's spokesman, Cullen Werwie.

Newradio 620's Charlie Sykes asked Governor Walker about the investigation earlier in the day. "What do you know about this investigation?" "Exactly what you do. What's in the paper, what's been reported on TMJ and other sources out there is simply as much as we know right now. A lot of people ask me what I think about it. What I'm knowing, what I know right now, is what people have seen reported up until this point."

Werwie himself had no comment when TODAY'S TMJ 4 got him on his cell phone. We couldn't reach Dieck or Lucht.

Former state Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske stresses that immunity doesn't mean someone's done something wrong. "It doesn't mean that somebody's guilty. It means they're protecting themselves because something they may say might be used against them."

This all comes on the heels of an FBI raid at the home of former Walker staffer, Cindy Archer. She has not been given immunity, but we don't know whether she's the target of the investigation either. Archer told us she's done nothing wrong.