State changes crash prone Marquette ramp

CREATED Sep 23, 2011

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  • The Marquette Interchange, under construction until November 10 of this year, based on current schedules. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel File

MILWAUKEE - The state has made a change to a crash prone ramp in the Marquette Interchange.  The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department requested a changed after noticing the unusually high number of crashes on the ramp.

The Sheriff's Department looked at the numbers and says there have been 68 crashes on that ramp during its relatively short lifespan.

After several studies, a contractor found that the level of friction on the ramp was lower than other nearby parts of the freeway.  Basically, it was more slippery than other roads nearby.

So in addition to signs added around the ramp, the state has now added a new coating to the ramp's pavement.  The coating is designed to hold cars to the road more tightly.

The Sheriff's Department is still urging people to use caution on the ramp, especially when it's wet.