Sheboygan Mayor cancels meeting to finalize special prosecutor in case against him

CREATED Aug 31, 2011 - UPDATED: Sep 1, 2011

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SHEBOYGAN - Mayor Bob Ryan cancelled a meeting scheduled for Wednesday night that would have finalized the decision on a special prosecutor in the case to remove him from office. But also in on the decision, the Common Council President.

Ryan wouldn't back down from his fight to stay in office during a press conference Tuesday, but less than a day later he backed out of the meeting, after discussions with Common Council President Eric Rindfleisch.

Rindfleisch argues it's more about getting everyone's ducks in a row than dodging a decision. "I want to make sure all sides can bring everything they have to offer to the table. I think it's more appropriate to do that."

Ryan was the one who called the meeting in the first place, but it was at the Council's request, according to Rindfleisch. "We wanted to have discussions regarding the candidates that we have lined up to hire for both prosecutor and council to the full Common Council."

Now the discussion has been pushed to next week, at the council's regular meeting on Tuesday. Mayor Ryan did not return TMJ4's attempts to contact him.