Wis. DNR urges searches for gypsy moth eggs

CREATED Aug 30, 2011

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- State wildlife officials are urging people to find gypsy moth eggs.

The Department of Natural Resources wants as much information about the egg masses as possible to help predict the population size and potential damage to trees next year.

Agency experts say the eggs can be found on tree trunks and the underside of branches as well as on buildings, firewood, vehicles and other outdoor objects.

The egg masses are tan, about the size of a nickel or quarter and feel firm. Soft and faded masses aren't a concern because they hatched this past spring.

DNR officials are confident aerial spraying combined with a large die off of caterpillars in last year and this year due to diseases probably means the state won't see heavy defoliation next summer.

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