Recall elections

What did Wisconsin accomplish?

CREATED Aug 17, 2011

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MADISON - With all the recalls stemming from the events surrounding the Capitol Chaos in Madison have ended, can Wisconsin government get back to work without too much animosity?

The 2011 summer recall elections netted two more seats in the State Senate for the Democratic Party, but with Republicans still  holding a razor-thin 17-16 majority.

Kenosha Democrat Robert Wirch, who held on to his seat despite a recall, said that Wisconsin benefits from it.  He said a message was sent that compromise is good.

What did the recall elections accomplish?  It depends on what side you're on.

"With the (Democratic wins on Tuesday), I think we sent the message to (Gov. Scott) Walker that forcing the agenda down on the public is not going to be acceptable," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Johnny Thomas.

"Let's not forget two Republicans were recalled, and that's the total number of recalls in Wisconsin history."

"Overall, not many surprises," explained Brookfield Republican State Representative Dale Kooyenga.  "What is surprising is, nationwide, the left put $35 million into these races, and in the end, Republicans have the Senate."

"I think there's a lot of good relationships, and the fallout is, we'll see a lot of bipartisanship."