Democrats not apologizing for Waukesha Co. Clerk accusations

CREATED Aug 10, 2011

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MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Mike Tate admits his party went too far when they accused the Waukesha County Clerk of “tampering” with Tuesday night’s election, but he’s stopping short of an apology.
Graeme Zielinski, the party’s spokesperson, called reporters to an impromptu press conference in a hotel hallway near the Sandy Pasch election night party. 
“It is our belief that the election that will determine the control of the Wisconsin State Senate is being tampered with,” Zielinski told reporters.  “We’re missing several wards in Waukesha.  It looks like she’s sitting on them right now.”
Nickolaus came under fire earlier this year after initially failing to report thousands of votes in the Spring Supreme Court race.  When those votes emerged, they flipped the outcome in favor of the conservative incumbent.   But this time, Democrats offered no evidence to back their accusations.
“Obviously, we were in the heat of the moment,” Tate told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.
However, Tate is not apologizing to Nickolaus.
“I think Kathy Nickolaus is somebody who is continuously being called into question for her job as Waukesha County Clerk,” Tate said.
Nickolaus said results reporting was delayed Tuesday because it took longer to process some wards with high turnout.
“I don’t believe they will ever give me an apology,” Nickolaus said.  “It was disappointing to hear.   There were no facts relating to that allegation.”
Democratic Challenger Sandy Pasch lost her bid to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Alberta Darling.