Recall candidates face off

CREATED Aug 3, 2011

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MENOMONEE FALLS - The two candidates for the 8th Senate District met face to face in a forum in Menomonee Falls with just days to go in the campaign.

“My opponent is being looking at for having collusion with Citizen Action because they are putting up a lot of money against me to distort my record, and to make me look like the Wicked Witch of the West,” said Republican Senator Alberta Darling.

“We are seeing a distortion of my record because Senator Darling is afraid to talk about her own record, about her own role in dividing our state and not bringing us together,” said Democratic Representative Sandy Pasch.

The two candidates were asked 6 questions from members of the Menomonee Falls Rotary Club. Those questions ranged from legislative priorities to jobs to inaccurate claims the other candidate has made. It seemed the real debate between Senator Darling and Representative Pasch is the reason for the recall.

“Senator Darling you need to understand that people did sign the recall petition because people thought you weren’t representing them,” Pasch argued.

“Those lies and distortions are really a problem, but the real problem is they are saying it’s not about collective bargaining, it’s not about act 10,” Darling retorted.

Both sides traded jabs at what they thought was at the center of this heated election.

“Senator Darling had 30,000 people put their recall signature down. 30,000 people, that’s almost the entire population of Menomonee Falls,” Pasch said.

“Sandy has admitted this is not about collective bargaining, she knows that’s not a winning issue. She knows what we did is working,” Darling said.

Last month Governor Scott Walker announced that Wisconsin added 9,500 jobs to the state, at a time when the rest of the nation only added 18,000.

“There were five other states that created more jobs than Wisconsin, and independent fact check found those numbers wrong,” Pasch said.

“We put in incentives for businesses who brought their jobs, new jobs into Wisconsin. That is working,” Alberta argued.

Pasch argued those numbers are inflated with seasonal and temporary jobs while darling claims Republicans have created more jobs than Democrats.

“What we have to do is make sure we grow family supporting jobs, jobs that come with benefits,” Pasch said.

“Doyle/Pasch had a job killing agenda because they had taxes spending and fees, and put a lot of regulation on small businesses,” Darling said.