Relatives of Dahmer victims speak out

20 Years of Pain

CREATED Jul 20, 2011

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MILWAUKEE - The year was 1990. Eddie Smith was 27 years old when he was lured by a monster known as Jeffrey Dahmer. Smith was drugged, strangled and dismembered. This is an emotional week for victims' families.

Carolyn Smith, Eddie's sister tearfully recalls, "He had so much to live for. He had the body of a model."

Smith still lives in Milwaukee and still suffers post traumatic stress syndrome and lives with agoraphobia.

Smith explains, "When you get out in public, the public, they would say Jeffrey Dahmer murdered your brother didn't he. You get tired of hearing that."

When Smith was being treated for breast cancer back in 2005, she could feel brother's presence. "When I had to go for my radiation treatments, I could feel him right there by me."

Today Smith is cancer free.

What gives Smith solace are the memories of a great brother. She smiles, "He was always looking out for me and just uplifting me when I'm down."

But Smith is not alone. Dahmer's killing spree ripped through many families.

Anthony Sears was murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer back in 1989. He was 24-years-old. His Godmother, "Mother Robinson" can still see the young man who lit up her life. "He was such a jewel he was a gorgeous beautiful young boy, so was his mother."

Robinson takes comfort in knowing that before he was murdered, Anthony Sears found the Lord. She shares, "I believe in his last moments that he knew Christ. He went to church with me sat at the table with me we shared good times together."

Carolyn Smith and Mother Robinson are poignant reminders that a loved one may leave the earth too soon, but their spirit stays in your heart.