Developer buys Dahmer apartment lot

CREATED Jul 18, 2011

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Wednesday follow up: Alderman Robert Bauman released this statement on the property where Jeffrey Dahmer lived in Milwaukee:

"The city did take title several years ago as a result of a tax foreclosure. Recently the property was joined with the apartment building to the north which was in foreclosure. The new owner is planning to rehab the apartment building and has agreed to maintain the Dahmer lot as greenspace for the indefinite future. The lot will be landscaped and the fence will come down. It will be planted with trees and grass. The city did not feel it was appropriate or economically realistic to try to develop any type of residential housing on the lot. Private greenspace seemed like the best outcome."

MILWAUKEE – A residential real estate company purchased the vacant lot where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s home once stood.

Dahmer lived in the Oxford Apartments at 924 N. 25th Street.

In July 1991, police arrested Dahmer and found the infamous blue tub filled with chemicals used to destroy human body parts.
"Police opened the refrigerator door and they said there was a dead body,” a resident of the apartment building said in an interview in 1991.
The City of Milwaukee agreed to sell the lot to Ogden Homes. The company is refurbishing a condemned 30-unit apartment building just to the north of the former Oxford Apartments site.
The purchase price is $500.
As a condition of the sale, Ogden must use the property for greenspace. The company is allowed to convert a portion of the lot into parking spaces.
Ogden did not return calls requesting comment on Monday.  The company already has permission to use the land.  A few deed details need to be settled to complete the deal, a city spokesperson said.
A philanthropist bought the land after the Dahmer crimes.  The Oxford Apartments were torn down leaving the lot virtually unused for many years.