Recall primaries begin

CREATED Jul 11, 2011

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Less than 24 hours before the Democratic Recall Primary for Senate District 8, and State Representative Sandy Pasch’s office was buzzing with activity. Meanwhile, it was quiet in Mequon at fake Democrat Gladys Huber’s campaign headquarters.

According to campaign finance reports, Huber has donated $150 to Republican Senator Alberta Darling's campaign this year.  Huber has also donated $170 to the Republican Party of Wisconsin this year. The only money she has received in the race is a $750 check from the Republican Party.

Huber is listed as a "member at large" for the Ozaukee County Republican Party.

“I'm not worried about Gladys beating me tomorrow.  I do think she will get some votes from the republican base,” Pasch said.

Pasch says even though she's running against a candidate posing as a Democrat, it's a real election.

"It gives us a dry run for our get out the vote effort," Pasch said.

Republicans have released their plans for redistricting. If Pasch isn't successful in the race against Huber and Darling, she will face a tough election against Republican incumbent Jim Ott in the new district.

"I think they are threatened by me perhaps or angry at me.  There seems to be a special vindictiveness at my district," Pasch said.

It is estimated that the primary election for Senate District 8 could cost tens of thousands of dollars, and statewide recall primaries could cost the state up to a half-million dollars.