Capitol chaos

Milwaukee legislator to introduce open meetings bill

CREATED Jun 16, 2011

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MADISON - The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the open meetings law was not violated when the collective bargaining law was passed in a state legislative committee meeting, and that the law does not apply to the state legislature.

Now, a Democratic state representative wants a law that requires 24 hours notice for meetings.

"I think it's a real mistake that all levels of governments, especially legislators, are exempt from the open meetings law," said the plan's originator, Milwaukee Democratic Representative Jon Richards.  "I think it's a mistake, and we need to correct that."

"The hypocrisy that, when Democrats had control for the last 100 years, when they've been in possession of the gavel, they ran the place the same way," claimed Juneau Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

Richards said he would introduce the bill by the end of this week.