Capitol chaos

City, county, state employees respond to Supreme Court decision

CREATED Jun 14, 2011

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MILWAUKEE--There were dozens of government workers at the Chill on the Hill concert event at Humboldt Park in Bay View Tuesday night. So we asked them how they feel the Supreme Court's vote will affect their lives.

"I'm concerned because I know it's going to affect students," Cudahy Middle School teacher Michelle Mallonen said.

Mallonen spent Tuesday morning protesting in Madison.

"Everybody was excited and hopeful that the Supreme Court would make a decision to turn down this budget," she said.

Derrick Jurkiewicz is a City of Milwaukee employee who works for the Department of Public Works.  He is worried about what the cuts mean for his finances.

"It concerns us all, my fellow employees and all of us,"  he said.  "We don't know what's going to be taken away from us as far as our benefits, our furlough days.  It hurts us alot.  It pulls money out of our house payments, our groceries.  It's tough out there.  It's tough."

MPS teacher Maggie Curtiss has been teaching for 12 years.  She currently teaches at Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts.  Her husband Brian just opened a small business, Big Foot Bike and Skate in Bay View, and she is concerned what the cuts mean for their finances, their benefits, and most of all, her students.

"Everything should always be about the students.  And I don't think anyone is thinking about the students.  The big hoopla is what the teachers are saying, and what's best for the teachers, and no one is really thinking about the students," she said.