New details on deadly boating accident

CREATED May 27, 2011

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TOWN OF RICHFIELD - A fishing trip turned deadly at Friess Lake in the Village of Richfield in Washington County Thursday night.

Witnesses tell TODAY’S TMJ4 that they could hear See Her yelling for help after he and his cousin, Xou fell out of their boat. 

Neighbor Roger says he was just sitting down to eat when he heard screams for help.

“I went out to the end of the pier and I was trying to get a hold of him, trying to get him to acknowledge me.  He just couldn’t hear me,” said Roger, who lives on the Friess Lake.

27 year-old Xou her and 29 year-old See Her were at freiss like to go fishing. Witnesses say the two men lost the oar, and leaned over to get it when the boat flipped.
Roger explained, “He’s swimming for an oar that they lost from the boat.  He started swimming for it.  He figured he couldn’t make it and turned around and swam back to the boat, but meanwhile the boat is drifting away.”

The owner of the Last Stop Resort, Wally and Bee’s says she rented the two men the boat not  more than a half hour before the boat tipped.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department says the two men had lifejackets in the boat.

Lieutenant Martin Schulteis said, “Actually did have one on, but didn’t have the strapped in properly.  When he fell into the water, it slipped off of him.”

Xou her's family said Xou was the jokester of the family and that he died doing what he loved.