Capitol Chaos: Redistricting Plays Role in Recall

CREATED May 5, 2011

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MILWAUKEE - Two democrats were considering running against incumbent Republican Alberta Darling, but former representative Sheldon Wasserman says he was forced out of the race.

“I feel like we have to do this because there are so many key issues that are at stake for Wisconsin's future,” said Rep. Sandy Pasch.

Pasch officially filed to run in the recall election against republican Alberta Darling.

“I have the record of staying within our means, and am going to get WI back on track,” said Sen. Alberta Darling.

Sheldon Wasserman says he would have liked to run, but says that redistricting will push him out of the race.

“It's dirty politics,” Wasserman said.

Wasserman, a former representative, says he was told he will soon be a few blocks south of the official district line.

“I was told point blank 'you're not going to be in the new senate district, we're going to gerrymander you out. You can go ahead and run, but you are not going to have a district to run from,'” Wasserman said.

Darling narrowly beat democrat Sheldon Wasserman in the 2008 senate election.  Wasserman says he doesn't think he could beat her this time around either.  Darling says she's confident she will beat Pasch.

“Of course I take this recall seriously.  When push comes to shove, I hope voters see the difference between me and Sandy Pasch,” Darling said.

Pasch will officially kick off her campaign Friday at 2pm at Cahill Park in Whitefish Bay.