12 pets pulled from home on Milwaukee's west side

CREATED Jun 16, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- The future for 12 pets is uncertain. They were rescued from what neighbors allege to be a hoarder's home on Milwaukee's west side.

"The windows are never open," said neighbor Mike Pfiefer. "There's always sheets or something or boxes in front of them."
Pfiefer lives right next door to the home near 62nd and Main Streets. With just a light wind blowing, a foul odor was evident.
"There's never anyone picking up any feces or anything and there's none that you can see, and with eight dogs there, it's all gotta be somewhere and that's what we think is the smell coming from the house," Pfiefer said.
Milwaukee paramedics arrived Saturday night to check the welfare of one person.  Neighbors said that's a man who may have a mental illness.
"...After the ambulance first got here, five minutes later, the two workers came back and they stood in the street, and then the fire trucks came, the sheriff came, animal rescue came," Pfiefer said.
Next came the hazmat team. The home was boarded up and ruled unfit for human habitation.
"We'd also heard that very possibly the plumbing is not working. We don't know for how long so the sanitation in there must be terrible," Pfiefer said.
Veterinarians with the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission are now evaluating the condition of the dogs and cats.