12 animals seized from west Milwaukee home

CREATED Jun 16, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- TODAY'S TMJ4 is learning more about animal’s seized from a Milwaukee home this weekend.  Animal control took 9 cats and 3 dogs out of the home and into their care.

Neighbors who live next to the house near 62nd and Main Streets said there was a rotting smell that came from inside. They said it smelled moldy and disgusting.

Doris Friedrich lives in front of that house. She was surprised to see a caravan of Milwaukee police, firefighters, and even a Hazmat crew show up this weekend.

"The cats used to come here to the side of the house and "do their thing." I told the owner once - your cats are in my yard! Oh no, she said. I don't let the cats out of the house. Well, when I would clap my hands, that's when they would run," Friedrich said.

Another neighbor initially thought the pet owner was just dog-sitting because there were so many dogs next door. The non-stop barking wasn't the only problem.

"The smell is so bad. I would say it's coming from inside and out of that property because when the wind blows this way, it's just horrific-smelling" said neighbor Carl Morgese.

The animals are currently being treated at animal control for ingrown toe nails and flea bites. Most of the animals are obese. The vet didn't say there were signs of possible abuse.

"We’re waiting, basically, on the Milwaukee Police Department to see what happens," said Field Supervisor John McDowell.

The cats and dogs are ok, but are very fearful.

"When they're not socialized properly, that's what happens. They just get scared to death," adds McDowell.

Neighbors said the smell has decreased, mostly because the animals are gone, and the house is sealed shut.