Capitol Chaos: Concern Over Milwaukee Residency Bill

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MILWAUKEE - There are some concerns in some Milwaukee neighborhoods.

Under Senate Bill 30 the state could lift the residency requirement for police officers and firefighters.

Some people fear dozens of homes will go on the market.

Many city employees live near Layton Avenue on the South Side.

Some residents worry about what will happen if those city employees move out.

"We know right now if they change this and people really do move it’s going to affect everybody," says Denise Lazarski.

Lazarski works for MPS and her husband is a city firefighter. She says her family is watching closely how this play out.

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 "I like that there’s a lot of city employees, fire fighters police officers I really feel safe because I know there are police officers around," says Aquine Jackson, a three year resident.

But Jackson is concerned if the city employees leave his property value will drop.

Mike Crivello, the President of the Milwaukee Police Association says he's optimistic the residency requirement will pass.

But Mayor Tom Barrett says he's determined to fight this measure. Barrett says this bill will send the tax revenue directly to the suburbs.