Capitol Chaos: Was State Senator In Affair?

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FOND DU LAC, Wis - There are allegations that Wisconsin State Senator Randy Hopper may have had an affair and may be spending most of his time outside of his legislative district.

Hopper is one of 18 Republican senators who voted in favor of Governor Walker's budget repair bill that stripped union collective bargaining and made changes to the state Medicaid program.  He is being targeted by a recall group in his district, which includes Fond du Lac and Oshkosh.

TODAY'S TMJ4 received a letter from a woman claiming to be Randy Hopper's wife, Alysia Hopper.  The letter arrived a letterhead envelope from Alysia Hopper's business.  The letter claims Randy Hopper,  "started an affair in January 2010 with a then 25 year old Republican aide."  It claims "Randy moved out" and "now lives mostly in Madison."

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Court records show Randy and Alysia Hopper are in the process of getting divorced.

According to Hopper's spokesman, the State Senator rents an apartment in Fond du Lac where Hopper also owns several radio stations.  However, TODAY'S TMJ4 was told Hopper was unavailable after making repeated interview requests.

In a written statement, Hopper campaign spokesman Jeff Harvey indicated, "Senator Hopper maintains an apartment in the district where he lives and works.  He and his wife separated roughly a year ago and are divorcing, which is a private family matter."

The allegations come in the midst of a heated political climate in Fond du Lac over Hopper's senate seat.  Recall supporters are operating an office in downtown Fond du Lac to collect signatures on petitions that could force a recall election.  Hopper's spokesman claims Hopper has also established a campaign office in Fond du Lac in anticipation of the recall but declined to reveal where the office is located.