Capitol Chaos: Milw. Dems React to Passage

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MILWAUKEE - At City Hall Thursday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett blasted senate Republicans for effectively stripping public employees of collective bargaining rights.

The mayor said it was now clear why Governor Scott Walker decided to pass the measure separately:

"Now they decided that their primary goal… which is to crush the unions... took precedence over everything else. And that's why they moved forward separately," the mayor said.

And more anger in Milwaukee's Democratic community was on display at a protest rally at the Bayshore Park and Ride.

Dozens of North Shore residents gathered to demand a recall of Republican State Senator Alberta Darling:

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Assembly Passes Bill

"She is not representing this district," said former State Representative Sheldon Wasserman. "She ran as a moderate. She is not. She is a Walker clone."

Current State Representative Sandy Pasch came straight from Madison to attend the rally, and had the crowd fired up:

"Yeah, there's a budget problem," Pasch said. "And there are economic problems across the world. "But it was not caused by teachers, it was not caused by nurses, it was not caused by senior citizens."

Democrats are vowing to continue to continue to speak out against the budget bill.