Capitol Chaos: Protesters Shut Down Wauwatosa Town Hall

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WAUWATOSA - Budget protesters shut down a town hall meeting in Wauwatosa.

"Shame, shame, shame" were among the words that came out of protesters mouths as the meeting ended, according to a video taken at the meeting that was placed on YouTube.

Menomonee Falls Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and Wauwatosa Republican State Senator Leah Vukmir were hosting the events at the Wauwatosa Library.

The following is among the exchanges that happened before the meeting adjournment, according to the YouTube video (seen below).

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"This state is so (angry) at Republicans right now because their trying to shut down debate," yelled one protester to loud cheers which dominated the room.

"I'm holding a meeting where everybody is invited," responded Sensenbrenner.

"At a library?" yelled another protester.

"That means that everybody else..." Sensenbrenner was saying before a protester said, "You're trying to shut down any response from these people who live in a free society" to claps and cheers.

"Power to the people" the protester yelled.

Eventually, Sensenbrener said, "this meeting will be adjourned" to a chorus of boos and the eventual "shame, shame, shame" chant.

Sensenbrenner's communications director gave  this statement to TODAY'S TMJ4 on Tuesday morning.

"Congressman Sensenbrenner and the Wauwatosa library director repeatedly asked individuals attending last night's Town Hall Meeting to be respectful as other patrons were using the library. After numerous requests for attendees to listen to the individual speaking and be mindful of other library patrons were ignored, the meeting was adjourned.

"It is unfortunate that the same respect given at Congressman Sensenbrenner's Town Hall Meeting in Brookfield Sunday evening wasn't experienced last night, and individuals who were patiently waiting to ask a question, receive help with casework or share their concern were unable to do so at the meeting.

"Congressman Sensenbrenner invites those individuals to call his office or send him and email and he will get a response to them. "

Click on the YouTube video below to watch it.