Raw Video: Milwaukee State Senator Says Walker 'Continues To Ignore The Public'

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MILWAUKEE - After Governor Scott Walker gave a talk in Milwaukee about what he considers is the need to pass his 2011-13 budget and the budget repair bill, a Democratic State Senator from Milwaukee gave his opinion on what he said, and what he didn't say in his comments at State Fair Park.

"He continues to ignore the public on the budget repair bill, where there's tens of thousands of people marching on the Capitol, there's hundreds of hours on public testimony.  He acknowledges that it happened, but he doesn't acknowledge that he's actually listening to it and making these changes," said Milwaukee Democratic State Senator Chris Larson on TODAY'S TMJ4 immediately after Walker's press conference. 

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"He ended up locking the doors to the Capitol yesterday and blocking out the public the same way that he's blocking out what we're trying to do, and that's protect worker rights, end these no-bid contracts and the attacks on Medicaid, Medicare and senior care, and (those are) the reasons that we're gone."

According to Larson, Democrats have given in on the financials, but are waiting for Walker to give in on the roll back of collective bargaining rights for many public workers' unions.

"We've given on the financial side," said Larson. 

"We put forward the counter-offer, but because it wasn't Walker's way, he still is rejecting that, which is unfortunate.  Instead of learning the lesson and try to come to the table and work with the public and work with us, he's continuing to work on this ideology where he's really appealing to the richest, where he's taking calls from billionaires but not listening to the thousands of people outside."

In response to Walker's claim that Democrats could come back to Madison and claim victory because the vote was delayed, allowing for more people to hear their argument, Larson said, "Obviously, we've had some pretty big victories in getting the attention on a lot of things in the bill which should be noted that Walker continue to ignore and won't respond to about the no-bid contracts, about the changes to Medicaid, Medicare and SeniorCare, and about creating new politically appointed positions, and the attack on worker rights. 

"To that effect, we have been successful, but our job is to stand up for our constituents, stand up for their rights." 

Larson doesn't believe location matters when it comes to doing his job.

"It doesn't matter where we're standing.  It only matters that we're standing up for them.  That's a point that Walker continues to miss, unfortunately, but I'm hopeful that we can get through to some of the moderate Senate Republicans that don't want to appeal to this kind of divisive ideology."