Capitol Chaos: Senate Dem Says Walker 'About Ready To Crumble'

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WOODSTOCK, IL - "Now all of the attention is on the Senate."

Those words come from Governor Scott Walker's tweet followijng the passage of his budget repair bill that will limit many public worker unions' abilities to negotiate much of their compensaition.

Walker stood firm on demanding that 14 Democratic Senators, who are on their 8th day outside the state in an effort to block a vote, should return to the state to allow his Republican counterparts to pass the bill there.

"Those 14 members need to come home & do their job."

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However, according to Milwaukee Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter, "We are standing firm in trying to negotiate with Governor Walker."

And he told both Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News" and TODAY'S TMJ4's "Live at Daybreak" that he believes Governor Walker may be more willing to negotiate.

"It seems like the Governor has sort of softened, or he seems just about ready to crumble," Carpenter claimed, citing Walker's Thursday news conference.

"He was less combative, more concilatory in trying to negotiate on some of these items."

Why does Carpenter think there will be a change in tone and approach on the part of the Governor?

"People have seen a lot of things that were hidden in this bill," said Carpenter. 

"There's also that damaging 'smoking gun' tape that came out about what the Governor is really like."

According to Carpenter, such a move would be among the first examples of willingness to budge from the hard line.

"So far, it's been sort of like their way or the highway," Carpenter said.  "We've gotten the dictator's position of 'We want it our way or no way.' "