Capitol Chaos: Huge Protests Today

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  • Demonstrators pack Capitol Square in Madison Saturday. | Photo: TODAY'S TMJ4

MADISON - As the drum beat of protesters continue to funnel in and out of the State Capitol, union leaders claim they have planned for the biggest protest Thursday.

“We’re expecting tens of thousands of workers in their home districts to be talking to their state senators and representatives about supporting workers rights,” said Phil Neuenfeldt, Wisconsin AFL-CIO president.

Neuenfeldt says people won’t just be protesting in Madison, but throughout the state, calling it the largest effort of its kind in Wisconsin history.

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“There are events in all parts of the state,” said Neuenfeldt.

“Tomorrow there will be buses coming in from all over the country. We want to settle our issues with Wisconsinites,” said Republican State Senator Alberta Darling.

Darling says the crowds haven’t affected her or other Republicans from pushing through Governor Scott Walker’s repair bill.

“The message was so clear in the November election that we want to go forward and do the job we were voted in to do,” she said.

Still that hasn’t stopped protesters from trying, even bringing in national Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa Jr. Wednesday.

“We want to show the teamsters union supports the public employees of Wisconsin,” said Hoffa. “This is about working families worried about the future, people trying to take away what they fought so hard for.”

There is support coming in from all over the country.

“To think they can drown out what duly elected officials want to do, is wrong,” said Darling.

Wrong or right, the protests continue, and the nation and even the world continue to watch.

“We’ll be here as long as it takes,” said Neuenfeldt.